Sunday, July 10, 2022

Lunch at Royal Seoul House

Our dear friend from the Philippines and my maid-of-honour during our Catholic wedding is in Korea right now on vacation. I'm so happy for her! She needs a break from work and her daily routine. She was sharing her food adventures, and so I craved Korean BBQ.

After Mass, we head to Royal Seoul House on West Broadway and Alder Street. We had Combo B BBQ, and hubby picked the Kkanpoonggi, a sweet and spicy deep-fried boneless chicken in the menu's delicacies section. 

BBQ Combo B
Marinated beef short ribs, marinated beef, marinated chicken, and spicy pork

Sweet and Spicy Deep-Fried Boneless Chicken

He mentioned that this is the perfect alcoholic drink companion, so I said we should get Soju. So we ordered the peach flavour soju.

Chum Churum Peach Flavoured Korean Soju and cute shot glasses

For a Sunday lunch date, this is perfect. Thank God for the many blessings, especially the time spent with my husband. ♥️

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