Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Most Expensive Food in BC Place | Canadian Champion Finals 2022

Happy Tuesday! The Vancouver Whitecaps FC is going to the Canadian Champion Finals! Hubby said we should watch in person because we don't know when they'll have the finals here at home again.

As soon as the date was finalized, I emailed Seth (our Whitecaps salesperson) to buy two tickets.

Since it's the finals, ordering the two most expensive items in BC Place seems only fitting.

The Beast's Rib from Beast on Fire

The rib is the most expensive item in BC Place. It cost CAD 38.00 CAD + tip.

The Beast's Rib
Long bone beef rib, barbecued to perfection, served with kettle chips.

A piece of rib

The Beast's Rib was juicy and tender. The barbecue sauce can be better. The Filipino in me wants to eat this with rice. I wish it came with salt & vinegar chips to cut through the fattiness of the ribs.

Is it worth CAD 38.00? I'm not sure since I don't order ribs when going to restaurants. It's delicious, and the serving size is decent, but I think I'd rather enjoy ribs in a restaurant and get better sides than a bag of Miss Vickie's Original flavour,

Smash Goldburger from Beast Unleashed

This burger costs CAD 35.00 + tip. Why is this burger so expensive? There's foie gras on top of the beef patty. Plus, it's served with a Gold Brioche bun.

Smash Goldburger
Foie gras, carnivore beef patty, aged cheddar, smoked back bacon, pickled onion, house recipe sauce, served on a Gold Brioche bun.

Smash Goldburger

This is an okay burger. It's definitely not worth it for the price. The foie gras adds an additional depth of flavour, but the patty was dry, and the buns were even toasted. One food item to avoid.

After enjoying our meal, we watched the Whitecaps win against Toronto FC to become the Canadian Championship.

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