Sunday, July 24, 2022

Lunch at Shizen Ya

We're back in Vancouver! We arrived home shortly after 10 in the morning. We unpacked a bit but walked to church for Sunday Mass. Afterwards, we went to Shizen Ya for lunch. I am craving rolls, and while there are five options near our home, we have not been to Shizen Ya, so here we are.

Sakura Blossom Roll
Fresh real crab with mayonnaise, spicy albacore tuna, cucumber, organic avocado, brown sushi rice, and wild sockeye salmon.
Sauce: Creamy Maple Sauce

Dragon Magic Roll
Wild sockeye salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, organic brown sushi rice, grilled eel and organic avocado on top
Sauce: Homemade anago sauce

Both rolls are delicious, but I think the Dragon Magic Roll is better. It's creamy because of the cream cheese and avocado. The salmon is fresh and sweet. Then, there's a crunch from the fresh cucumber.

Assorted Tempura
Tiger prawn (4 pieces), sockeye salmon (2 pieces), and vegetables (5 pieces)

The sockeye salmon tempura was delicious, and I'll gladly order that again.

Mochi Ice Cream
Green Tea and Black Sesame Ice cream wrapped in Mochi skin

The black sesame mochi ice cream is better than the green tea one.

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