Lunch at Tony's Fish & Oyster Café

Dinner at Pepper Lunch

Dinner Date at Menya Japanese Noodle

Dinner at Jollibee in Washington, USA

Lunch at Armory on Seattle Center

Dinner at Lowell's Restaurant

Lunch at Ivar's Acres of Clams

Dinner at Hugos Tacos & Churros

Lunch at The Market Grill

One and only Krispy Kreme in Metro Vancouver

Lunch at IHOP

Late Lunch at Burger King

Lunch at Paul's Place Omelettery Restaurant

Lunch at Romer's Burger Bar

Breakfast at Blue Parrot Organic Coffee

Lunch at Curry Express

Lunch at Tony's Fish & Oyster Cafe

Breakfast at Ikea

Lunch at Thai House (closed)

Lunch at Japanese Bistro Kamome

Lunch at Thai Express in Guildford Town Centre

Dinner at Manchu Work in Metrotown Food Court

Lunch at Taco Time

First Time at Olive Garden