Friday, November 11, 2022

Chinese Donuts, Buns, and Cookies from Kam Do Bakery

Kam Do!!!

Okay. That's what I usually exclaim when I see Kam Do Bakery. It is my favourite Asian bakery in Metro Vancouver.

Beautiful Exterior of Kam Do Bakery

When I first arrived in Canada, my mom would bring some of their baked goodies home, and I fell in love with the Chinese Donuts.

As I became more cashless, buying from Kam Do was too much of a hassle because they WERE cash only.

Today, as we were walking from Aberdeen Skytrain Station to Gang Nam Korean BBQ, we stopped by Kam Do, and I prayed that they now accept credit cards. Unfortunately, they still don't, but they now have debit! Yay! *Happy Dance*

My Kam Do Haul

There were only four Chinese Donuts left, and I grabbed them all. It's as good as I remember - fried dough dusted with sugar. The inside is also airy.

Four Chinese Donuts

A peek inside Chinese Donuts. Look at that airy pockets. Yum!

Walking around, I spotted the Sausage Buns. We usually get this from T&T, so I can compare the two. T&T uses better hotdogs, or maybe the one from Kam Do was just overcooked. Focusing on the bread portion - the Sausage Buns from T&T are sweeter than Kam Do.

Sausage Buns from Kam Do Bakery

 A peek inside the Sausage Buns after one bite.

I also ordered cookies, and they're perfect with coffee. They're not overly sweet, and they're pretty crumbly. I love it.

Butter Cookies and Coffee Flavour Butter Cookies from Kam Do Bakery

Butter Cookies from Kam Do Bakery

The last things we grabbed were the Beef Curry Buns and Pork BBQ Buns. This is my first time trying them, and I am uncertain of what to expect.

Beef Curry Bun and Pork BBQ Bun

I usually don't have any reason to go to this side of Richmond so visiting Kam Do is a rare happy occurrence. Thank God for the continuous provisions and for my husband, who constantly supports my food whims and adventures.

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