Thursday, November 17, 2022

Classic Langos from Das Langos Haus (#45) in Vancouver Christmas Market 2022

After sharing a kartoffelpuffer, hubby and I decided to order and try a Langos.

According to the description near the menu, "Not a pizza. My big brothers are the Elephant Ears, little sisters the Beaver Tails. I'm the Hungarian Langos.

Classic Langos
Garlic powder, sour cream, cheese, bacon, and green onion.

It is essentially deep-fried dough with savoury topping. You also have the option to put Nutella to make it a dessert.

I love the fried dough - greasy and flavourful, but the real winner is the green onion. It elevates the whole dish, so it's not just creamy from the cheese and sour cream or salty from the bacon but actually delicious.

It's a bit messy because you eat it with your hands like a pizza, so be prepared to have greasy fingers afterwards.

#45 Das Langos Haus

Below is a list of booths we have tried so far:

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