Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Chocolate Fudge Pretzel Dream Donut from Tim Hortons

It officially feels like Christmas with the availability of Tim Hortons' dream donuts. As you know, I have been keeping an eye out for any new dream donuts. I opened my Tims app almost every day to see if there was anything new and nearly screamed when I saw two new dream donuts.

We walked to Tim's nearest location after work to ensure they were available. I have trauma about ordering a dream donut for delivery and getting a different donut.

Chocolate Fudge Pretzel Dream Donut

I am a sucker for any dessert with a crunchy element, and the crushed pretzels on top of a chocolate fudge donut is a win. However, I wished the donut itself was fudgier or not dry.

Chocolate Fudge Pretzel Dream Donut from Tim Hortons

There's no filling inside the Chocolate Fudge Pretzel Dream Donut from Tim Hortons.

This is the better dream donut from the holiday menu because of the contrast of texture (crunchy pretzel and soft donut) and flavour (sweet base and salty top).

List of Dream Donuts from Tim Hortons

I arranged it alphabetically instead of chronologically.

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