Saturday, May 21, 2022

Hershey’s S'mores Dream Donut from Tim Hortons

If you've been following my blog (which only my husband and mom does 😅), I try every new Dream Donut from Tim Hortons that I could.

Today, we had S'mores Dream Donut. It's delicious. There's chocolate inside and the graham on top provides some crunch. Overall, one of their best Dream Donut.

S'mores Dream Donut from Tim Hortons
This Dream Donut combines the classic and nostalgic tastes of S'mores in a way that's unique to Tims. The ring donut is packed with rich, delicious chocolate filling, dipped in marshmallow-flavoured fondant and topped with graham cracker crumble, and a drizzle of chocolate fondant.

S'mores Dream Donut

List of Dream Donuts from Tim Hortons

I arranged it alphabetically instead of chronologically.

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