Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Creamy Maple Pecan Dream Donut from Tim Hortons

Happy Wednesday! I'm obsessed with Tim Hortons dream donuts, and I check their mobile app once a day to see if there's anything new.

I squealed in glee when I saw the two new Tim Hortons dream donuts, which I presume is for the fall season.

Pumpkin Spice Dream Donut

Pumpkin Spice is now the quintessential flavour of the fall season, so it makes sense that Tim Hortons has released a dream donut with this flavour.

Unfortunately, our order did not arrive with the Pumpkin Spice Dream Donut, and I will create a new post once I get to try it.

Creamy Maple Pecan Dream Donut

I love pecan (or any nuts for that matter), and combining it with maple flavour is a great idea. It's an alright donut. The flavours of Reese's Peanut Butter Cheesecake Dream Donut and Hershey's S'mores Dream Donut are so much better.

Creamy Maple Pecan Dream Donut from Tim Hortons

Creamy Maple Pecan Dream Donut from Tim Hortons
Dipped in maple fondant, topped with praline pecans, and delicately drizzled with chocolate, each bite has a balance of crunchy texture along with a creamy interior filling.

A peek inside the filling of the Creamy Maple Pecan Dream Donut.

The Creamy Maple is sweet, which is expected of a donut, but that's about it. The pecan provided a crunch, but it just didn't work. My expectations may be unfairly high because I just enjoyed a delicious chocolate pecan pie last weekend.

List of Dream Donuts from Tim Hortons

I arranged it alphabetically instead of chronologically.

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