Monday, August 1, 2022

Dinner at Genki Eki

Genki Eki opened maybe a couple weeks ago near the corner of West Broadway and Heather Street, sandwiched between Michael's and Blenz Coffee.

We entered the newly opened Japanese restaurant and loved the interior. Check out the bus (or train) stop-looking d├ęcor with a bench and carton box-designed vending machine.

inside Genki Eki

Genki Eki is Subway-like in the sense that you choose which bowl you want in five steps. I'll list down the available options when we were there today.

Step 1: Choose one noodle
Udon Soba Ramen

Step 2: Choose one protein
Beef with onion Chicken breast BBQ Pork Duck breast

Step 3: Choose one sauce
Soy Base Spicy Base Curry Base
Wasabi Soy Yuzu Miso Sesame Base

Step 4: Choose two toppings
Tamago Egg Fish Cake House Kimchi
Sweet Corn Bamboo Bacon Crumble
Cucumber Carrot Snow Crab
Tomato Ham Broccoli
Vegetable Medley Lettuce

Step 5: Choose three mix-ins
Green Onion Crispy Tempura Garlic Pickled Ginger Seaweed (Nori)

Below are the ingredients we picked for our bowls.
For Me For Hubby
Noodle Udon Ramen
Protein Chicken Breast BBQ Pork
Sauce Curry Base Yuzu Miso
Toppings Carrot and Vegetable Medley Tamago Egg and Bamboo
Mix-Ins Garlic, Pickled Ginger, and Green Onion Garlic, Seaweed (Nori), and Crispy Tempura

The bowl came with a delicious miso broth. It's the most subtle yet delicious broth I've ever had.

As you can see from our choices, we picked ingredients usually found in a curry rice bowl and ramen bowl. It was a great experience! Although, if you have social anxiety, picking ingredients might be a challenge. 

Udon Curry Chicken Bowl and Yuzu Miso Ramen Pork BBQ Bowl

After enjoying our meal, I looked at the Instagram account of Genki Eki and found that they have recommended bowls already, which are not yet in the store (or I could have missed it).

I hope to come back and enjoy the pre-designed bowl for maximum flavour and to try Oden.