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Lunch delivery from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

Happy Tuesday! It's rare for us to have anything delivered on a weekday, but well we have no viand to go with our rice so might as well order Filipino food. Last week, we had Chinese cuisine which goes well with rice, this week it's Filipino food. I have ordered from Klasik Inasal in the past and I ordered three same dishes: Shanghai Roll, Pork BBQ Skewer, and Eggplant Omelette ( Tortang Talong ). 2 orders of Pork BBQ Skewer and I apparently made a mistake and only ordered one serving of deep-fried Shanghai roll Eggplant Omelette (Tortang Talong)   Party Tray I ordered two viand (ulam) so we have something to eat for the rest of the week. Hubby kept saying will two be enough for the rest of the week. He doubts my food budgeting skills lol. I understand his hesitation since the "party tray" we ord

Lunch delivery from KamayKainan

Happy Friday! For lunch today, I had Filipino food delivered from KamayKainan Facebook page . I ordered three things: Kare-Kare, lumpiang shanghai, and pancit palabok. I made a terrible mistake and gave the wrong address. Instead of our street, I gave the closest cross street. Big facepalm. They're nice enough to deliver it still to our house. This is our order from Kamay Kainan Facebook page in Metro Vancouver Kare-Kare Creamy peanut butter stew with shrimp paste (bagoong) is so delicious with rice. Their spicy bagoong is amazing. This is the kare-kare with most meat and vegetable I have tried. There's not a lot of sauce (compared to Tasty Pinoy BBQ Skewers at iba pa and Cooking Ng Ina (putaheng Pinoy) , but the amount of meat and vegetable more than compensate for it. I love how soft the beef is.  

New Year's Eve Midnight Snack from SM Delights

If you read my previous post , I explained our NYE dinner tradition. On top of ordering pies, I got different round Filipino snacks from SM Delights . Bibikingkinitan (which I assume means small bibingka) Puto and Kutsinta Mocha Mamon and Chocobutternut They gave us free choco butternut and caramel bar, which was a nice surprise. I ordered three more items which I gave to my parents to enjoy. Pan de coco is my dad's favourite. Cassava cake is something my mom has been craving for a while now. Lastly, I ordered Spanish bread for my siblings to enjoy. Cassava Cake Spanish Bread Pan de Coco I haven't heard from my family if they like it or not. I enjoyed the bibingkinitan, and it's the only thing we've eaten so far since we ordered a lot of food and has been eating nonstop. We'll have the rest for tomorrow. Happy New Year! January 5, 2021 Update : I love the mocha mamon. I want to order a couple dozen just so I can munch on it for dessert and snacks. My hubby loved the

Christmas Eve dinner from Lin Chinese Cuisine

Every year our family (my sisters) chooses a cuisine for Christmas Eve dinner. This year they chose Chinese cuisine because they want Yang Chow Fried Rice. We have our dinner separately. Hubby and I are in our home while my parents and siblings are in theirs. We are following the rules and are not physically together. I ordered from Lin Chinese Cuisine. I called as early as 2:30 PM to place an order for 5:00 PM delivery. The lady over the phone said it'll get there around 5:30 to 5:45, which works fine for us. I forgot to tell her that our buzzer doesn't work, so I tried calling at 5:00 PM, and their number is not working. We decided to wait in the lobby of our building at 5:30 to wait for our delivery and ensure that the delivery person doesn't wait long. It's a miracle! We only waited a couple minutes, and he got there. He told us that they have 30 deliveries in the area simultaneously, and the chef is going crazy because they didn't expect the demand. I added a h

Dinner delivery from Pizza Hut

I had a long Monday because it's Cyber Monday and people want to take advantage of deals last minute. Anyway, I have been working from 7:40 a.m. until 5:40 p.m. with a 20-minute or so lunch break. The phone was ringing nonstop and people were sending messages in chat and email. Crazy day. I thought I'd give myself a rewarding dinner, but I wasn't really craving anything in particular. All I know is our fridge is nearly empty so I needed to order something we can eat for a few days. I was thinking of Chinese food since we always can cook rice, but I don't feel like eating Chinese food. I thought about Domino's Pizza and KFC because they're both having a promo for Cyber Monday. I end up ordering from Pizza Hut. I ordered a Triple Treat box and pasta. It's my first time trying their pasta. 12" Canadian Pizza (Pepperoni, bacon crumble, sliced mushrooms and pizza mozzarella)

My Birthday Celebration: Cake from Arts to Bakes

It's my birthday weekend. We went to my parent's place in Richmond, BC, to celebrate. Don't worry, we didn't invite people to the celebration - it's just seven people and two households. The first household is me, and my husband and the second household is my parents and three siblings. Mocha Cake from Arts to Bakes KayeBakes CA is my go-to cake source, but Kaye is busy, so I asked the Filipino food group if they would please recommend a place or person who bakes delicious mocha cake since I really want it for my birthday. The first comment recommended Arts to Bakes. I sent their page a message and asked about the price, delivery, etc. Mocha Cake from Arts to Bakes in Vancouver, BC. It's too pretty to eat. I am delighted with the mocha cake. It's beautiful, and more importantly, it's delicious. The cake is moist, and initially, I thought the coffee flavour is too strong, but with each bite, including the buttercream, it's perfect. The sweet chocolate

My Birthday Celebration: Filipino Food from Tasty Pinoy BBQ Skewers at iba pa

It's my birthday weekend. We went to my parent's place in Richmond, BC, to celebrate. Don't worry, we didn't invite people to the celebration - it's just seven people and two households. The first household is my husband and me, and the second household is my parents and three siblings. I asked my mom to cook spaghetti for my birthday, and I thought of ordering from LA Chicken. Spaghetti and fried chicken is like a staple in Filipino birthday children's party. However, I became lazy and didn't want to line up and order from LA Chicken. Feast from Tasty Pinoy BBQ Skewers at Iba pa To go with my mom's spaghetti, I ordered lumpiang shanghai (Filipino-style spring rolls), pork BBQ in skewers, kwek-kwek, and kare-kare. My Birthday Feast Beautiful Vegetables for the Kare-Kare

Dinner delivery from Panago Pizza

Coconut curry sauce in a pizza? You bet! I love Panago's Veggie Korma! I decided that we'll have it for dinner tonight and save any leftovers for the rest of the week. Veggie Korma -  Medium Original Crust, Pineapple, Peppers-Green, Blend-Mozza + Cheddar, Baby Spinach, Spicy-Banana Peppers, Coconut Curry Sauce Pesto Chicken -  Medium Original Crust, Tomatoes-Sun-dried, Onions-Caramelized, Parmesan, Chicken-Grilled, Peppers-Red, Mozzarella, Pesto Sauce Garlic Cheezy Bread Chicken Bites Chocolate Chunk Pretzel Cookie Happy Sunday! I hope you had a great weekend!

Lunch delivery from Domino's Pizza

In my last post about Olive Garden, I mentioned that I like Domino's carbonara, so I thought of ordering it for lunch the day after eating the one from Olive Garden to do a comparison. Domino's Pasta Chicken Carbonara Compared to the carbonara from Olive Garden, the one from Domino's is not as heavy and creamy. It's a bit watered down. I do love the bacon, grilled chicken, and mushroom better so topping wise Domino's got it right. For $7.50, it's a satisfying dish. Chicken Carbonara Grilled 100% all-white meat chicken, bacon, onions and mushrooms mixed with penne pasta and baked to perfection with creamy sauce. Italian Sausage Marinara I thought of ordering the Chicken Alfredo for hubby so he can compare it from the one in Olive Garden, but he said he wants something different, so I got him the tomato-based Italian Sausage Marinara, instead. Italian Sausage Marinara Penne pasta baked in a zesty marinara sauce with Italian sausage, a blend of Italian seasonings a

Buko Pie and Egg Pie from Ruby

I was craving buko (coconut) pie that I miss from the Philippines. I decided to ask the Facebook Food group I'm part of for recommendation, and the first person to send me a message and picture is Ruby Dacanay. Buko Pie in Vancouver from Ruby The buko pie is delicious! It's more buko than sugary filling, which I love. The crust is flaky, and it just crumbles. Buko Pie I sliced the buko pie. My skills need some work. Look at the layers of coconut. Egg Pie in Vancouver The egg pie is not overly sweet, creamy, and delicious. Egg Pie Egg Pie Egg Pie slice I can't wait to bring this to Richmond tomorrow. Be sure to send Ruby Dacanay a message on Facebook to order a buko and egg pie.