Thursday, February 8, 2024

Spicy Pork Bun and Chicken Deluxe Buns from New Town Bakery & Restaurant

Today was no ordinary breakfast at work. As part of our quarterly tradition, my company indulged in a special Brinner, blending the flavours of the Lunar New Year and Brazilian Carnivale to create a culinary celebration that spanned continents and cultures.

With offices in three different time zones, our Brinner is a unique opportunity to connect and share the joy of food across borders. And this morning, I kicked off the festivities with a delightful feast from New Town Bakery & Restaurant in Vancouver Chinatown.

As the only spot open early enough to fuel us before our 8:00 AM meeting with the European team, New Town Bakery came through with their delectable spicy pork bun (spicy asado siopao) and chicken deluxe bun (bola bola siopao). The moment I sank my teeth into those soft, pillowy buns, I was transported by the explosion of flavours.

Spicy Pork Buns and Chicken Deluxe Buns from New Town Bakery & Restaurant

The spicy pork bun packed a punch with its fiery yet balanced seasoning, while the chicken deluxe bun offered a comforting blend of savoury goodness. Each bite was a symphony of taste, a perfect harmony of textures and spices that left me craving more.

With buns in hand, I took a leisurely stroll to the office, relishing the crisp morning air and anticipating sharing this culinary adventure with my colleagues. Upon arrival, I paired my buns with a steaming cup of French vanilla from the office coffee machine.

As I savoured my breakfast, I dove into my morning routine, juggling emails and tasks while eagerly awaiting the end of the day for our European counterparts.

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