Friday, February 9, 2024

Barrel of Chunky Monkeys from The Pie Hole | 2024 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

The Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is an annual adventure for the senses, and stop number 14 on our journey took us to a place known for its sweet and savoury masterpieces: The Pie Hole. With a name like that, you know they wouldn't disappoint, and their Barrel of Chunky Monkeys hot chocolate was no exception.

Imagine this: a rich, velvety blend of 65% Inaya dark chocolate infused with house-made banana caramel syrup. The first sip was a delightful dance of flavours - the deep, robust chocolate perfectly balanced by the sweet, playful notes of banana.

#140 - Barrel of Chunky Monkeys from The Pie Hole

But the Chunky Monkey experience didn't stop at the hot chocolate. It arrived paired with a miniature version of the Chunk Monkey Pie. Imagine a double butter crust brimming with dark chocolate ganache, smooth banana cream, and fluffy whipped cream, all drizzled with rich chocolate. Each bite was an explosion of textures and flavours, the perfect complement to the warm, comforting hot chocolate. I love it (but The Fat Elvis is still my favourite).

To complete the experience, we indulged in one of their savoury hand pies: the Pulled Pork Savoury Handpie. Tender, slow-braised pork shoulder bathed in spices nestled in a bed of bourbon-baked beans inside the double butter crust we love from The Pie Hole. It was a savoury counterpoint to the sweetness of the Chunky Monkey duo.

Pulled Pork Savoury Handpie from The Pie Hole

Below is a list of all the hot chocolates we have tried this year.

  1. #11 - Chocolate Caliente from Artigiano
  2. #12 - S'morelicious Hot Chocolate from Artigiano
  3. #13 - Join the Dark Side from Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe
  4. #15 - Java the Hutt from Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe
  5. #30 - Violet's Berry Delight from Boba Run
  6. #31 - For the Love of Mint Chocolate from Boba Run
  7. #69 - Hot Choc'cuterie Board from Faubourg Bakery
  1. #71 - Tiramisu Au Chocolat Noir from Faubourg Bakery
  2. #77 - Unicorn Kisses from Fufú Café
  3. #92 - Snow-Coco from Honolulu Coffee
  4. #93 - Calli-Coco from Honolulu Coffee
  5. #133 - Bear with Me from Nuttea
  6. #140 - Barrel of Chunky Monkeys from The Pie Hole
  7. #147 - Pala Siau Chocolat from Thierry Chocolates

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