Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Poutine Paradise: Vancouver's Guide to Curds & Gravy

Embark on a culinary quest through the savoury delights of Vancouver's poutine scene, where crispy fries, rich gravy, and gooey cheese curds converge to create a quintessential Canadian comfort dish. In this guide, we unveil the city's top poutine destinations, drawing insights from a diverse array of expert articles.

Classic Poutine from Belgian Fries
A fusion of perfect fries, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, topped with cheese curds and yummy veggie gravy.

From indulgent classics to innovative twists, join us as we navigate the cheesy goodness that defines Vancouver's poutine landscape. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the ultimate guide to the best poutine spots in Vancouver.

Poutine Powerhouse

These four spots were included in all four articles.

  1. Belgian Fries
  2. ☐ Fritz European Fry House
  3. La Belle Patate (my personal favourite for a classic poutine)
  4. Mean Poutine

Double Delights

These spots were contained in two of the four articles we reviewed.

  1. ☐ MeeT
  2. ☐ Spud Shack Fry Co.
  3. TAKO Taqueria

Singular Sensations

These spots were mentioned in one article.

  1. Cafe de L’Orangerie
  2. Costco (a perfectly good choice if you're on a budget and near a Costco)
  3. Fable Diner
  4. ☐ The Flying Pig
  5. ☐ OEB Breakfast Co.
  6. ☐ Six Acres
  7. ☐ Steamworks Brewpub
  8. ☐ The Templeton

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