Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Lunch delivery from TAKO

TAKO is the Korean-Mexican food fusion I never thought I'd want for today. I have been craving for kimchi and burrito (I know such a weird craving and yet here we are). I would describe their food as Korean flavours in Mexican vehicles.

I am stress eating today, so I ordered a lot of food.

Lunch from TAKO

I love how each container is properly labelled.

Bulgogi Burrito

It was delicious and perfectly sliced in the middle for sharing. The bulgogi is amazing and goes perfectly with rice. Yum!

Korean bulgogi in a delicious wrapped burrito with flavourful kimchi and pickled daikon radish

BBQ Short Rib Poutine

When we opened the container, hubby asked if that's sisig (a Filipino dish out of pig's face) because it looked like one, but it's BBQ. The red onion made it spicy, but I didn't like the dressing it came with.

BBQ Short Rib Poutine
Diced tomatoes, red onions, green onions, and barbequed short rib

Kimchi Quesadilla

My kimchi craving wasn't satisfied by the quesadilla, BUT it was so cheesy I'm willing to forgive it.

Kimchi Quesadilla
Pan-fried kimchi, bulgogi, corn, red onions, and cheese.


I love Korean sides so we ordered two!


I have a love affair with dumplings from different countries and Korean mandu is my favourite.

Mandu - Five pieces of deep-fried mixed pork and beef dumplings with salsa

Spicy Seoul Chicken

It's not that spicy, but it goes really well with the Bulgogi Burrito. The Filipina in me is happy with rice (from the burrito) and saucy chicken combination. Under all the yummy chicken are crunchy corn chips which I thoroughly enjoyed. I kinda wished I ordered it too.

Spicy Seoul Chicken

Have you tried TAKO before? What do you think of the food?

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