Thursday, September 3, 2020

Where to get Buko Pie in Vancouver?

I am craving for Filipino buko pie, but I don't know where's the best place to get one that will deliver to our home. I asked the Facebook group I belong to and below are their suggestions:

Vancouver Restaurants with Buko Pie

  • Kumare Restaurant and Bakery - They have a branch in Richmond, Delta, and Vancouver.
  • Hapag Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Grill - Two people, recommended the buko pie from Hapag. They're located in Victoria Drive, Vancouver.
  • Aling Mary's - They're located in Main Street, Vancouver, and I have ordered a buko pie from them in the past, but I know they don't deliver.

Home-Based Online Vendor with Buko Pie

  • Pinay Bakes - Facebook page - Two people recommended their buko pie.
  • Ruby Lyn Dacanay - She's the first one to send me a private message and pictures of the buko pie, and it looks great.
Do you know of other places in Vancouver that serve buko pie? Leave a comment below so I can include them on this list.

Buko Pie

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