Saturday, September 5, 2020

Lunch from Win Win Chick-N

I love fried chicken and I'm trying to decide for myself which one is the best in Metro Vancouver.

Today, I finally had a chance to try Win Win Chick-N from their branch in Steveston, Richmond BC.

Juicy and Crispy Fried Chicken from Win Win Chick-N

Look at all the black pepper in the chicken skin.
10-pc Fried Chicken from Win-Win Chick-N

We took it home to enjoy for snacks and dinner. The chicken was perfectly spiced and crispy. The breading is not as thick as Church's Chicken or KFC. It's delicious.

Win Win Chick-N storefront
Win Win Chick-N Storefront

My number one favourite chicken is still LA Chicken, then Hi-Five Chicken. I'm still debating whether I like Win Win more than Juke. Hmmm.

What's your favourite source of fried chicken in Metro Vancouver?

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