Sunday, September 20, 2020

Guest Post: Lunch at The Arbor

This post is written by my brother.

Decided to meet up with a friend that I haven't seen since the pandemic started. I suggested we go to the vegetarian restaurant, The Arbor. I suggested this place because my friend is vegetarian and she would always have limited options whenever we eat out.

I decided to go with the Kimchi burger with Togarashi fries because I thought it seemed interesting while my friend decided to get the Arburger. 

                                                                        Kimchi Burger
                                                                       Togarashi Fries

We cut our burgers in half and gave the other half to each other so that we can taste them both. My friend was really skeptical about the Kimchi burger but when she tried it, she really liked it. She especially complimented that the kimchi was well made, compared to other non Korean restaurants that made them. This is big praise coming from her as she is Korean. I would agree as well, the Kimchi burger was unique and tasteful. 

                                                                Kimchi burger (cut in half)

The Arburger tasted like a real good normal burger. Since this is a vegetarian restaurant, the patty isn't made of beef but you could have fooled me. The patty was delicious and well done. The Togarashi fries were good as well and a perfect compliment to our meal. 

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