Sunday, September 13, 2020

Lunch delivery from Domino's Pizza

In my last post about Olive Garden, I mentioned that I like Domino's carbonara, so I thought of ordering it for lunch the day after eating the one from Olive Garden to do a comparison.

Domino's Pasta

Chicken Carbonara

Compared to the carbonara from Olive Garden, the one from Domino's is not as heavy and creamy. It's a bit watered down. I do love the bacon, grilled chicken, and mushroom better so topping wise Domino's got it right. For $7.50, it's a satisfying dish.

Chicken Carbonara
Grilled 100% all-white meat chicken, bacon, onions and mushrooms mixed with penne pasta and baked to perfection with creamy sauce.

Italian Sausage Marinara

I thought of ordering the Chicken Alfredo for hubby so he can compare it from the one in Olive Garden, but he said he wants something different, so I got him the tomato-based Italian Sausage Marinara, instead.
Italian Sausage Marinara
Penne pasta baked in a zesty marinara sauce with Italian sausage, a blend of Italian seasonings and Provolone cheese.

Domino's Side: Chicken

I ordered the Boneless Chicken with BBQ sauce.

Boneless Chicken
Boneless chicken is lightly breaded with savoury herbs, made with 100% white breast meat. Comes with our signature BBQ sauce for dipping.

Domino's Side: Bread

I also got us Parmesan Bites. My only regret is not ordering a Marinara Sauce Cup with it.

Parmesan Bites
Oven-baked bread bites handmade from the buttery-tasting dough and seasoned with garlic and Parmesan. 

Where is your favourite place in Vancouver to get Carbonara?

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