Saturday, February 10, 2024

Red Bean Bliss at New Town Bakery

Our Taste of Chinatown adventure continued! After indulging in the savoury delights of Chinatown BBQ, our stomachs weren't quite ready to say goodbye just yet. With a sweet tooth calling, we walked to the legendary New Town Bakery.

Red Bean Cake from New Town Bakery

The line snaking outside was a testament to the bakery's iconic status. While the lure of their famous bao buns, devoured during our Brinner celebration last week, was strong, we decided to explore the sweeter side of New Town Bakery this time.

Tempting displays of pastries and buns greeted us inside, each one vying for our attention. After much deliberation, I opted for the Chinese Red Beans Donut. I am biased toward Chinese Donuts, with my favourite from Kam Do Bakery in Richmond. My husband chose the Red Bean Cake.

Red Bean Donut from New Town Bakery

We found a spot just outside the bakery and eagerly dug in. My donut was everything I had hoped for: a cloud-like vessel filled with a smooth, flavorful red bean paste. The coating of sugar added a perfect touch of sweetness without being overpowering.

A peek inside Red Bean Cake from New Town Bakery

My husband's Red Bean Cake offered a textural delight. The thin, slightly crisp exterior gave way to a soft, warm interior where the red bean paste shone. Unlike the donut's sweetness, the cake had a more subtle sweetness, allowing the natural flavours of the beans to take center stage.

Inside a Red Bean Donut from New Town Bakery

As we savoured these delicious treats, people-watching and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Chinatown, we realized that sometimes, the sweetest discoveries are made by venturing beyond the tried-and-true. While the bao buns will be waiting for us the next time, exploring New Town Bakery's sweet selection was a delightful reminder that culinary adventures are always rewarding, especially when they lead to hidden gems like these red bean treats.

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