Friday, February 9, 2024

Boiled Chives & Pork Dumplings from Redbeef Noodle House

Redbeef Noodle House has always been my go-to for satisfying meals that hit the spot, and this visit was no exception. With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, I indulged in my usual favourites and a special holiday treat.

Chicken Cutlet Rice from Redbeef Noodle House

First up, my all-time comfort dish: the Chicken Cutlet Rice. Tender, juicy chicken cutlet smothered in a rich, savoury sauce atop a bed of fluffy rice - it's pure satisfaction in every bite. The chicken's crispy coating contrasts the soft rice, and the flavorful sauce and side dishes of pickled vegetables, egg, and tofu tie everything together beautifully.

Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken from Redbeef Noodle House

Next, I couldn't resist the Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken. These bite-sized pieces of chicken are perfectly fried, achieving that ideal balance of crispy exterior and juicy interior. Seasoned with the perfect salt and pepper blend, they offer a savoury explosion with every bite. They're so addictive!

Boiled Chives & Pork Dumplings from Redbeef Noodle House

Of course, I had to try something unique with Lunar New Year on the horizon. Enter the Boiled Chives & Pork Dumplings. These delicate dumplings, similar to the traditional Jiaozi, are a staple enjoyed across Taiwan and China during the holiday. Their crescent shape symbolizes wealth and prosperity, while the chives represent new beginnings and warding off evil spirits.

A peek inside the Boiled Chives & Pork Dumplings from Redbeef Noodle House

Filled with a savoury blend of pork and chives, steamed to perfection, the thin, translucent dough bursts with flavour in your mouth. It was a delicious nod to the upcoming holiday and a satisfying addition to my meal.

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