Saturday, February 3, 2024

Spicy Fried CHicken and Classic Sandwich from HiFive Chicken

I am still going through my fried chicken craving phase, which led us to Hi Five Chicken for lunch today. I ordered a 3-piece spicy fried chicken while my husband went for their HiFive Classic Sandwich.

The golden, crunchy exterior hinted at the fiery adventure that lay beneath. Unfortunately, it's not as spicy as I would prefer, but it is what it is. The interior was juicy and tender. It's a perfect fried chicken with a generous serving of fries.

Personal Meal: 3 pieces fried chicken from HiFive Chicken

Personal Meal - 3 Pieces of Fried Chicken from HiFive Chicken

Meanwhile, my husband indulged in the HiFive Classic Sandwich. The toasted brioche cradling a fired chicken filet combined with creamy mayo, tangy pickles, and crisp lettuce showcased the beauty of a well-crafted sandwich. It was delicious.

HiFive Classic Sandwich
Toasted brioche, fried chicken filet, mayo pickle, lettuce

HiFive Classic Sandwich
Toasted brioche, fried chicken filet, mayo, pickle, and lettuce

We both got fries, and it was a lot! We took it home for dinner. Hihi. My fried chicken craving was satisfied today. I'm pleased.

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