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Unveiling Vancouver's Top Fried Chicken Spots According to 4 Expert Articles

Embark on a crispy adventure through Vancouver's fried chicken scene! We've compiled insights from four expert articles, unravelling the secrets behind the city's best fried chicken spots. From classic favourites to innovative delights, join us in exploring the top picks that have earned unanimous acclaim. Prepare for a mouthwatering journey into Vancouver's fried chicken haven, where golden perfection meets undeniable satisfaction.

The Frying Pan

Below is a list of the four articles:

Here are the 19 best-fried chicken sources according to the 4 articles above - ranked!

Consistent Chicken Champions

The restaurants below are acclaimed in all four articles!

  1. ☐ DownLow Chicken Shack at 905 Commercial Drive
  2. Juke Fried Chicken - March 31, 2020
  3. The Frying Pan - September 24, 2023

Highly Acclaimed

The three spots below were part of three of the four articles. My personal favourite LA Chicken is here!

  1. ☐ Duffins Donuts at 1391 East 41st Avenue
  2. ✅ LA Chicken
  3. ☐ Their There at 2042 West 4th Avenue

Frequent Favourites

These chicken sources are mentioned twice.

  1. ☐ Chewie's Chicken & Biscuits at 2822 West 4th Avenue
  2. ✅ Church's Fried Chicken
  3. ✅ HiFive Chicken
  4. ✅ Le Coq Frit
  5. NeNe Chicken - August 24, 2023
  6. ☐ Popina Canteen at 1691 Johnston Street

Solo Standouts

These chicken joints were mentioned in one article.

  1. ☐ Chicken World at 1181 Denman Street (closest location to me)
  2. Chirpyhut Fried Chicken - February 14, 2023
  3. ☐ Nightingale at 1017 W Hastings Street
  4. ✅ Popeyes
  5. ☐ Re-Up BBQ at 810 Quayside Drive
  6. Win Win Chick-N - September 5, 2020
  7. ☐ Zabu Chicken at 1635 Robson Street (For future me, get the Zabu soy original chicken)

Permanently Closed

The following places were mentioned once and already closed their doors.

  1. ☐ ChiMec
  2. ☐ The Fried Chicken Works
  3. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken - It breaks my heart that Hot Star Large Fried Chicken has permanently closed both locations in Metro Vancouver.

How many have you tried from the list above? Is there a spot that you think the articles missed? Comment below. 

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