Saturday, April 15, 2023

Church's Texas Chicken: Trying Out the New Super Crunch Chicken and Tex Supreme Sandwich

Happy Saturday! I had a dental appointment at 10:00 AM today. Afterwards, hubby and I walked from West Broadway and Cambie to Main Street near 28th Avenue. We visited Likha Local Collective. We're buying Filipino books as a birthday present for my sister's Caucasian boyfriend.

After shopping, we walked home and decided to have lunch at Church's Texas Chicken, a fast-food chain specializing in fried chicken and other Southern-style comfort food.

Super Crunch Chicken

After what felt like a long discussion with my husband, we ordered the new 2-piece Super Crunch Chicken. It's not crunchier than their other fried chicken, but the skin is loaded with crushed black pepper.

Super Crunch Chicken from Church's Texas Chicken
Spicy marinated bone-in chicken, hand-breaded in our super crunch coating for an extra crunchy texture. Fried up golden brown and crispy outside, juicy and tender inside.

Like all their fried chicken, it's moist and juicy inside.

Super Crunch Chicken from Church's Texas Chicken
Juicy and tender on the inside

We spent around 45 minutes inside the store enjoying our lunch. During that time, I notice that they cook a small batch of each type of chicken when you order, so you get fresh ones straight from the fryer.

Tex Supreme Sandwich

Tex Supreme Sandwich from Church's Texas Chicken
Sandwich prepared with 100% crunchy chicken breast and hand-breaded in our original recipe with mayo, served with fresh lettuce, tomato, and American cheese.

According to previous blog posts, we have tried their Classic Chicken Sandwich and Mexicana Sandwich, so today, we opted to try the Tex Supreme Sandwich. It is their spicy sandwich, and it has a good amount of heat, primarily from the sauce. The chicken was juicy, while the lettuce and tomato provided freshness to the sandwich.

Tex Supreme Sandwich from Church's Texas Chicken

After lunch, we started our walk home in the rain. The Tex Supreme Sandwich is worth it if you love spicy chicken sandwiches. The Super Crunch Chicken is worth the wait if you love the black pepper flavour. Otherwise, sticking with the usual chicken is the way to go.

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