Tuesday, April 11, 2023

A Classic Twist on a Classic Treat: Tim Hortons' Sour Cream Glazed Donut

The Sour Cream Glazed donut is a classic donut that has been a favourite among Tim Hortons customers for many years.

It has a moist, fluffy cake base topped with a rich, tangy sour cream glaze. Unfortunately, the cake base was dry from sitting in the display case for who knows how long. Thankfully, the sour cream glaze was not overly sweet like what you'll find at Krispy Kreme.

Sour Cream Glazed Donut from Tim Hortons

The Sour Cream Glazed donut is one of many varieties of donuts that Tim Hortons offers, and it is typically available year-round. It pairs well with a cup of coffee or tea, making it the perfect snack for any time of day.

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