Friday, April 28, 2023

Food Adventure at the Richmond Night Market

We went to the Richmond Night Market on opening night and got in as soon as it opened because of our Zoom Pass. Last year, I made a note to myself to go earlier into the season to write about all the food stalls, which I am attempting to do here.

Below are the food items we enjoyed from the different available food vendors. We decided not to get the same things last year (even though it's really tempting), and we just went for what looked good or anything we hadn't tried before.

F69. Momo's

Considering these premises, we started our food night with Deep-Fried Beef Momo from Booth F69 Momo's The Himalayan Dumplings. This is our first time trying Momo.

Deep-Fried Beef Momo at Richmond Night Market

I have a new favourite dumpling. Their Momo is packed with pure beef and seasoned perfectly, and it goes really well with the spicy sauce. Can I have another serving, please?

Booth F69. Momo's The Himalayan Dumplings

What is Momo?

Momo is a type of dumpling that is a popular dish in Himalayan and Tibetan cuisine. It is typically made with ground meat, vegetables, and spices wrapped in a thin dough wrapper and either steamed or fried. Momos are often served with a spicy dipping sauce and are popular street food in the Himalayan region.

F66. Garlic Oil Pork VermicelliK (Khay Oh) from Burmese Plate

Another cuisine we have yet to try is Burmese Cuisine (Myanmar cuisine).

Booth F66. Burmese Plate

They serve three items: Garlic Oil Pork VermicelliK (Khay Oh), Laksa Soup, and Golden Rice (Chicken Dan Pauk). When we're uncertain, we usually go from the top of the list, which is why we got the Garlic Oil Pork VermicelliK (Khay Oh).

Garlic Oil Pork VermicelliK (Khay Oh)
Vermicelli, garlic oil, vegetable, quail eggs, pork ball with shrimp and fish paste.

The garlic oil pork is so tender, soft, and juicy, while the noodles have a mild flavour and chewy texture, so the sauce they provide is a must! It's tangy and a little bit spicy.

What is Khay Oh?

Khay oh is a traditional Burmese noodle soup that is typically made with thin rice noodles in a savoury broth, served with a variety of toppings such as slices of pork or chicken, fish cakes, and fried garlic. The soup is often flavoured with spices and herbs and can be garnished with fresh lime juice, cilantro, and chopped scallions. Khay oh is a popular comfort food in Myanmar and is often enjoyed as a hearty breakfast or lunch dish.

F52. Pineapple Juice from Fresh Juice

After two savoury dishes, I needed something refreshing, so we went to the first fruit juice stand we saw and got a large pineapple juice to share.

Booth F52. Pineapple Juice from Fresh Juice

F43. Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken Strips

It's my first time trying Taiwan Deep-Fried Chicken Strips. I am familiar with Salt & Pepper Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, which is my favourite, but these chicken strips are pretty different.

Original Taiwan Deep-Fried Chicken Strips in Richmond Night Market

It's good but not popcorn chicken good. But it's easy to eat while we scout the rest of the Richmond Night Market.

Booth F43. Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken Strips

F8. Signature Bao Bun from Bao Buns

After three savoury items and a refreshing drink, it's time for desserts, and there are PLENTY of fun and unique options, but the best marketing award goes to Bao Buns. It's like a party near their booth! The energy and joy are infectious, which is why we ordered one, and their food deserves all the hype marketing.

Signature Bao Bun from Bao Buns
Deep-fried mantou, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, and icing sugar

There's a restaurant in the Philippines called North Park, and one of the items I love are their fried buns with condensed milk. I love the crispy exterior and soft interior - the contrast is so great. I love it! I'll be happy even without the ice cream and all the toppings - yes, it's that good.

F108. Deluxe Deep-Fried Basket from Myst

My love for Taiwanese food started with Dang Dee (a small restaurant in Makati that's now closed), so every time I see Taiwanese sausage and fried chicken, I know it will be great, and the food from Myst delivered.

Deluxe Deep-Fried Basket from Myst
Taiwanese fried chicken, deep-fried fish cake, classic steamed sticky rice, and Taiwanese sausage wrapped with glutinous rice.

Both are so delicious on top of Seasoned Sticky Rice. The rice was cooked with shrimp and savoury seasoning. They're surprisingly mouthwatering on their own.

At this point, I'm feeling full. I blame the rice, of course.

F27. Korean Chicken Skewer K-Garbi

Our last bite in the Richmond Night Market for this evening is from Booth F27 Korean Chicken Skewer. We ordered the K-Garbi (Korean BBQ Sauce). It goes well with our rice, and it could just be my Filipino-ness and me talking, but savoury BBQ on rice is always delicious.

K-Garbi from Booth F27 Korean Chicken Skewer

After finishing our food, we walked around the merchandise area but didn't buy anything. We have three remaining Zoom Pass entries and can't wait to return!

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