Sunday, April 2, 2023

What to avoid and try at Hibachi Grill Buffet in West Covina?

We had late lunch (early dinner) in Hibachi Grill Buffet at 1003 S Glendora Ave, West Covina, California.

I took photos of each plate and will tell you which one to avoid based on the pictures. Unfortunately, they don't label any food, so it's hard to know which item is what.

Plate number 1. Avoid any sushi. They could be better.
I recommend the chicken wings and cheese wonton. The spring rolls are alright.

Plate number 2. Almost everything on this plate is delicious. I'll happily come back to eat everything again except for what looks like saucy pork. It tasted unusual.

Plate number 3. I liked their fried rice so much I came back and had it again. I didn't like what looked like a clambake. It was warm but didn't have any taste to it. The salmon was delicious and a must-try. The clams and grilled chicken was alright.

Plate number 4. The fried fish was crispy, but the sauce was bland. Meanwhile, the spare ribs looked so good but had no flavour. The other pasta-looking seafood was acceptable. The best things on this plate are grilled chicken and sesame seed balls.

Plate number 5. The best thing on this plate is the fried banana and maybe the breaded shrimp. The pastries are alright. The macaroon is decent too, but a bit too sweet.

Plate number 6. You can try the soft-serve ice cream if you're still hungry.

Overall, Hibachi Grill Buffet is a decent spot for a reasonably priced buffet.

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