Sunday, April 30, 2023

Atlantic Salmon Oshi Sushi from Masa Japanese Restaurant

Last night, I felt an acute pain on my right ear and I probably have an infection there. After Mass, we went to Downtown Vancouver to visit the two walk-in clinics open on Sundays and they're already both at capacity for the day. I sucked up the pain as we walked across Granville Bridge going home.

I told my husband I want ramen for comfort so we stopped by Masa Japanese Restaurant so I can get a bowl of ramen.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
Pork tonkotsu flavoured soup base with chashu and egg

For sharing, I ordered Atlantic Salmon Oshi Sushi. I had Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen while my husband went for Tofu Teriyaki Platter.

Atlantic Salmon Oshi Sushi
Seared Atlantic salmon with special oshi sauce

If you're vegetarian and still want something delicious, the Tofu Teriyaki will definitely hit the spot. It's so good!

Tofu Teriyaki Platter
Deep-fried tofu with vegetable and rice

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