Monday, May 1, 2023

Pork Lemongrass and Beef Stew from Vina Vietnamese | Metropolis at Metrotown Food Court

 We went to see our family doctor after work today because my right ear has been painful. After our appointment, we crossed the street to Metropolis at Metrotown Food Court.

I wanted beef, so I chose Vina Vietnamese and my favourite Beef Stew. Hubby chose the Lemongrass Pork, which is surprisingly better, albeit harder to eat, because it's a slab of meat.

I love the caramelized crispy exterior of the pork and the surprisingly tender inside.

Lemongrass Pork from Vina Vietnamese

Beef Stew from Vina Vietnamese

I love the Beef Stew of Vina Vietnamese in their Richmond Centre and Pacific Centre locations because the beef is very tender and falls apart easily. However, this one is tougher than I expected.

Overall, I am satisfied with our dinner. I am praying that my ear heals.

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