Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Queen Elizabeth Theatre Food and Drinks Menu | Vancouver, BC

Below is the food and drinks menu of Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I recommend eating elsewhere before going in for your show. This was taken during a concert and caterers may become available depending on the show.

Inside Queen Elizabeth Theatre

The prices are all in Canadian dollars and does not include taxes and tips. Information are subject to change without prior notice. Moreover, Vancouver Civic Theatres only accept debit and credit card.

Menu Price
Beer & Cider (355 ml Cans) Price
Red Truck Craft Beer $9.25
No Boats on Sunday Apple Cider $9.25
Nude Coolers | Whiteclaw $9.25
Red & White Wine (5 oz pour) Price
Gray Monk Pinot Gris $9.25
Red Rooster Merlot $9.25
Sterling Vintners Chardonnay $12.00
Sterling Cabernet Chardonnay $12.00
Sparkling Wine (200 mL bottle) Price
Henkell Trocken $11.00
Spirits Price
House Spirits $9.25
Premium Spirits $12.00
Drinks Price
Pop $5.00
Juice $5.00
Redbull $5.00
Sparkling Water $5.00
Bottled Water $5.00
Coffee $3.50
Tea $3.50
Hot Chocolate $5.00
Latte $5.00
Cappuccino $5.00
Spirited Coffee $9.25
Snacks Price
Chips $3.00
Kitkat $3.00
Candy Bags $5.00
VCT Chocolate Bar $6.00

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