Monday, May 22, 2023

Cinnamon Coffee Cake from Starbucks

After lunch at Wang's Taiwanese Beef Noodle House, we grabbed desserts from the Starbucks inside Safeway. 

I am not a fan of any dessert that includes cinnamon, so my husband was amused that I chose the Cinnamon Coffee Cake from Starbucks. However, my brain read coffee cake, which was sufficient to make me try it. Unfortunately, when I took a bite, that's the only time it sync in that there's "cinnamon" at the name of the dessert I picked.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake from Starbucks

If you love the cinnamon flavour, this is the dessert to go with. Otherwise, the Double Chocolate Brownie is more than enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Double Chocolate Brownie from Starbucks

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