Sunday, February 4, 2024

Tim Hortons' Dutchie Donut

Tim Hortons is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and as part of the celebration, four retro donuts are returning for a limited time. Today, we tried the Dutchie Donut.

Dutchie Donut from Tim Hortons

Here's the thing: I arrived in Canada almost 10 years ago and have no nostalgic feelings about any of the donuts that came back, so my review and experience will solely be about the taste.

Dutchie Donut from Tim Hortons

First, the Dutchie was stale, which I have come to expect with Tim Hortons donuts. However, the sweet glaze and occasional plump raisins provided a sugary kick that turned a lacklustre experience into a tolerable one.

I already tried the walnut crunch last year when it came back. Hopefully, we'll be able to try the Cinnamon Sugar Twist and Blueberry Fritter before it leaves Tims.

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