Sunday, February 4, 2024

Hot Choc'cuterie Board and Tiramisu Au Chocolate Noir from Faubourg Bakery | 2024 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Our journey through the 14th Annual Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival continued when we walked from the church after Sunday Mass to Faubourg Bakery in their Kerrisdale location.

This is our 12th and 13th beverage that's part of the festival and my favourite so far. The Hot Choc'cuterie Board and Tiramisu Au Chocolate Noir are genuinely exceptional.

#69 - Hot Choc'cuterie Board: Crafting Chocolate Dreams

Faubourg Paris made me experience the magic with their chocolate bomb - an edible spectacle that transforms our hot chocolate experience into a delightful adventure. I watched in anticipation as the bomb melted with hot steamed milk, revealing a symphony of flavours.

#69 Hot Choc'cuterie Board from Faubourg Bakery

With the miniature charcuterie board, we enjoyed moist chocolate-dipped Madelaine, mini marshmallows, and a chocolate chip cookie. This interactive assembly turned every sip and nibble into an enjoyable moment of sweetness.

I absolutely love it!

#71 - Tiramisu Au Chocolat Noir: A Fusion of Classics

While the Hot Choc'cuterie Board was fun, the Tiramisu Au Chocolate Noir is my favourite hot chocolate that I have tried for this year's festival. The velvety dark chocolate milk topped with the bittersweet essence of the classic tiramisu is just perfect.

#71 Tiramisu Au Chocolat Noir from Faubourg Bakery

This hot chocolate is luxurious and silky, with the dark chocolate ganache contributing to its velvety smoothness. The addition of espresso-soaked ladyfingers introduces a soft and slightly chewy element, providing a delightful contrast that elevates the overall experience.

Both beverages are served with a mini orange chocolate muffin. It adds a citrusy zing, complementing the chocolatey goodness of hot chocolate.

After enjoying our drink, we slowly walked back home to burn the hot chocolate goodness.

Below is a list of hot chocolate we've enjoyed so far.

  1. #133 - Bear with Me from Nuttea
  2. #13 - Join the Dark Side from Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe
  3. #30 - Violet's Berry Delight from Boba Run
  4. #92 - Snow-Coco from Honolulu Coffee
  5. #93 - Calli-Coco from Honolulu Coffee
  6. #15 - Java the Hutt from Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe
  7. #77 - Unicorn Kisses from Fufú Café
  1. #31 - For the Love of Mint Chocolate from Boba Run
  2. #147 - Pala Siau Chocolat from Thierry Chocolates
  3. #12 - S'morelicious Hot Chocolate from Artigiano
  4. #11 - Chocolate Caliente from Artigiano
  5. #69 - Hot Choc'cuterie Board from Faubourg Bakery
  6. #71 - Tiramisu Au Chocolat Noir from Faubourg Bakery

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