Friday, February 2, 2024

The One from Horin Tonkotsu Ramen

Happy Friday! What a great way to start the weekend! After spending time inside the Vancouver Art Gallery and enjoying the indulgent hot chocolate at Thierry Chocolate, we explored the bustling streets of Downtown Vancouver. We stumbled upon a hidden gem for dinner. Our adventure led us to Horin Tonkotsu Ramen, and judging by the line outside, we knew we were in for a treat.

CUcumber Salad and Seaweed Salad from Horin Tonkotsu Ramen

Opting for "The One" was a no-brainer. This ramen ensemble promised a symphony of flavours featuring chashu, moyashi (bean sprouts), ajitama (soft-boiled egg), and green onions. As we eagerly placed our order, the anticipation of what was to come heightened.

The One from Horin Tonkotsu Ramen

When our steaming bowls arrived, the aroma alone was enough to make our taste buds dance. The noodles, reminiscent of those in a wonton noodle soup, were perfectly cooked. I opted for the soft noodles; the delicate texture allowed them to soak up the richness of the tonkotsu broth like a culinary sponge. Each bite was a delightful journey, with the interplay of flavours from the chashu, the crunch of bean sprouts, the velvety ajitama, and the freshness of green onions. It was a harmonious blend that warmed both our bodies and souls.

House Made Chicken Karaage from Horin Tonkotsu Ramen

To complement our ramen adventure, we couldn't resist adding some delightful sides. The chicken karaage was a flavour explosion with its crispy exterior and tender interior. And who could resist the temptation of pork gyoza? Each dumpling was a parcel of joy, with a satisfying blend of pork goodness wrapped in a thin, perfectly seared skin.

Pork Gyoza from Horin Tonkotsu Ramen

As we left Horin Tonkotsu Ramen, our bellies satisfied and our taste buds still tingling with delight, we couldn't help but marvel at the unexpected culinary journey that unfolded on Robson Street. If ever there was a perfect start to the weekend, this was it—Happy Friday indeed!

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