Saturday, February 10, 2024

Singapore Fried Noodles from Ming Fong Fast Food inside Chinatown Plaza

Our Taste of Chinatown adventure continued, with Lee Man's "Top 10 Dishes" list guiding our culinary compass. After indulging in the sweet delights of New Town Bakery, we set out to conquer another dish on the list. Unfortunately, a mischievous drizzle decided to join the party, forcing us to improvise.

  1. 🗸 Duck Noodle Soup from Chinatown BBQ (130 East Pender Street)
  2. 🗸 Steamed Dai-Bao from New Town Bakery and Restaurant (148 E Pender Street)
  3. Bun Cha Hanoi from DD Mau (145 E Pender Street)
  4. Tajarin from Kissa Tanto (263 E Pender Street)
  5. Steamed BBQ Pork Rice Rolls from Sun Fresh Bakery (245 Keefer Street)
  6. Classic Omelette with Salted Radish from Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie (163 Keefer Street)
  7. 🗸 Singapore Fried Noodles from Ming Fong Fast Food (180 Keefer Street)
  8. Chilled Tofu with Century Eggs from Fat Mao (217 E Georgia Street)
  9. Butter Beef from Phnom Penh (244 E Georgia Street)
  10. The Full Irish Breakfast from Irish Heather (248 E Georgia)

With umbrellas unfurled, we wandered the bustling streets of Chinatown. We suddenly found ourselves in front of Chinatown Plaza. It's our first time here. We spotted Ming Fong Fast Food inside the food court, and their Singapore Fried Noodles are included in Lee Man's Top 10 Dishes in Chinatown.

Singapore Fried Noodles from Ming Fong Fast Food inside Chinatown Plaza

The first three bites were a revelation! The noodles, cooked to order, held a delightful springiness, perfectly capturing the essence of wok-hei. Each mouthful was a burst of flavour: bean sprouts added a refreshing crunch, red and green peppers injected vibrant colours and sweetness, and slivers of BBQ pork offered savoury richness. But the star of the show was undoubtedly the yellow curry, its gentle warmth infusing every element with its aromatic embrace.

We were still full and decided to take the rest home for dinner. We packed food safely in our bag and walked to the bus stop.

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