Sunday, February 20, 2022

Filipino Birthday Lunch Celebration | Family Day Weekend

We celebrated hubby's birthday today with the family on Family Day weekend.

My husband moved to Canada to be with me. He left his own family behind, and I always do my best to make sure he feels loved here in Canada.

I asked my mom to cook her Filipino-style spaghetti to celebrate his birthday. My mom (as always) went beyond and even purchased a cassava cake slice from Aling Mary's. Cassava cake is one of hubby's requests for his birthday.

Filipino Birthday Lunch

A Filipino birthday won't be complete without lumpiang shanghai (Filipino spring roll) and fried chicken, so we ordered from Little Ongpin and LA Chicken, respectively.

Best lumpiang shanghai in Vancouver from Little Ongpin

Best fried chicken in Richmond - LA Chicken

My mom also purchased Black Forest Cake from Saint Germain Bakery with hubby's name.

Black Forest Cake
Light chocolate sponge cake, Kirsch sauteed bing cherries, 36% real whipping cream, and 64% dark chocolate shaving.

After food coma lunch, I introduced my younger sister and our only brother to The Sound of your Heart and how hilarious it was. For dinner, I ordered more fried chicken from Hi-Five (I forgot to take a photo!), then we played Overcooked 2, which made me extremely happy, and we also played Smash Bros (I didn't fall and die! Haha!).

It's lovely to celebrate hubby's birthday and Family Day weekend with the family.

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