Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Lunch at Suika

It's not my birthday, yet hubby made me so happy during his special day. After visiting the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, we grabbed lunch at Suika. It's our first time visiting the restaurant on a weekday, and it's an absolute thrill to find it nearly empty after the lunch rush. It's also our first time back here this 2022.

We both ordered our usual. I had my favourite Signature Beef Curry topped with Tonkatsu (Pork Loin Cutlet) while my hubby ordered a Double Tonkatsu (Pork Loin Cutlet) Set. For sharing, we had a Chicken Dashi Karaage, which was juicier than I expected. Hubby thought it was too oily, but I think it's perfect.

Signature Beef Curry
Suika original stewed beef tendon curry topped with tonkatsu (pork loin cutlet)

Double Tonkatsu (Pork Loin Cutlet) Set
2 pieces of  fried pork loin cutlet using special fresh panko served with ground sesame and tonkatsu sauce

Chicken Dashi Karaage
Juicy deep-fried chicken thig, crispy on the outside and filled with rich dash shoyu flavour.

I absolutely love Suika and highly recommend trying them if you haven't already.

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