Saturday, February 12, 2022

Lunch at Kinton Ramen in UBC

It's the fifth ramen shop we have gone to in the last four weeks as we continue going through the list of the Best Ramen restaurants in Vancouver.

  1. January 22 - Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba
  2. January 23 - Jinya Ramen Bar
  3. January 29 - Kintaro Ramen
  4. February 5 - Menya Raizo
  5. February 12 (today) - Kinton Ramen
To start our Saturday, we had brunch at Starbucks (yay for free breakfast sandwiches and drinks), then we ran errands. Hubby had a haircut while I grabbed my Lego from the FedEx inside Staples, and I ended up buying 15 adorable Washi Tapes. 

Thirty minutes later, hubby and I went on a random Saturday date to the University of British Columbia (UBC) and visited the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. After three hours of learning and admiring the different specimens in the museum, we had a late lunch at Kinton Ramen.

I ordered my usual Pork Miso Ramen while hubby had Pork Shoyu Ramen. For sides, we ordered our standard sides as well - Age Gyoza, Takoyaki, and Original Karaage.

Pork Miso Ramen (thick noodles)
Soybean paste, pork, corn, garlic oil, and scallions (extra seasoned egg)

The Pork Miso Ramen was good but not as delicious as Kintaro Ramen. It's a close second, though. I made the right decision of adding a seasoned egg to my ramen. It was delicious.

Pork Shoyu Ramen (with thick noodles)
Soy sauce, pork, garlic oil, nori, and scallions

Our favourite Japanese sides

Deep-fried octopus balls, tonkatsu sauce, mayo, bonito flakes, and aonori

We order takoyaki whenever it is available, and this is one of the best takoyaki I had in Vancouver that I can remember.

Pork Age Gyoza
Deep-fried dumpling and original sweet chilli sauce

Original Karaage
Fried chicken, garlic mayo, and lemon

My favourite chicken karaage is from Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba. This one is a bit dry, but it's absolutely perfect soaked in the ramen broth. I saved one fried chicken and placed it in my ramen bowl, and it was better.

Kurogoma Cheesecake
Baked black sesame cheesecake

The black sesame flavour is so strong I wish there was ice cream and mochi, or maybe I am just dreaming of the parfait we had last week.

I wonder how long we can continue our ramen streak, but I am all for it. Do you have a favourite ramen shop? Comment below!

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