Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Third HelloFresh Box for 2022

We received our HelloFresh box last Saturday. I ordered five meals, two of which we already had last year.

Sunday Breakfast and Tuesday Lunch: Chinese-Style Beef Bowls

This is a dish I ordered last year, and thanks to my past self, I added all the chilli garlic sauce this time, and it's so much better. Since we have it for breakfast, I added an egg as recommended. My favourite part of the dish is still the perfectly cooked vegetables.

Chinese-Style Beef Bowls with Garlic Rice and Green Veggies

HelloFresh Description: Chili garlic sauce adds a spicy and zesty kick to this bountiful beef bowl. Taking a pic for the 'gram? #putaneggonit!

Sunday Lunch and #MeatlessMonday Lunch: Mexican 'Un-Stuffed' Pepper Bowls

I surprisingly enjoyed this meal. I am food coma and guiltless about enjoying this meat-free dish.

Mexican 'Un-stuffed' Pepper Bowls

HelloFresh Description: A veggie-full twist on mom's stuffed peppers, bursting with Mexican-inspired flavours! Green onion-spiked basmati and saucy black beans round out these bowls for a satisfying dinner.

#MeatlessMonday Dinner and Wednesday Lunch: Spiced Portobello Fajitas

Too much work and needs more tortillas. I reheated half of the meal for Wednesday (after buying more tortillas) and ate it like a quesadilla. 

Spiced Portobello Fajitas with DIY Refried Black Beans and Lime Crema

Spiced Portobello Fajitas with DIY Refried Black Beans and Lime Crema

HelloFresh Description: Tender-crisp onions and peppers are paired with meaty portobello mushrooms and creamy DIY refried beans in these flavour-packed fajitas! Top with a dollop of refreshing lime crema, and you're good to go!

Tuesday Dinner and Thursday Lunch: Tomato Garlic Beef Spaghetti

We tried this dish last year, and it was great - it's delicious and easy to make.

Tomato Garlic Beef Spaghetti with Sweet Peppers

HelloFresh Description: We've figured out the secret to adding oomph to a simple meat sauce - a splash of soy! The saltiness is a subtle but tasty addition to succulent ground beef, aromatic Italian seasoning and juicy tomatoes. This colourful and flavourful dish is perfect for a night in!

Wednesday Dinner and Friday Lunch: Creamy Parmesan Gnocchi

It's, unfortunately, too salty.

Creamy Parmesan Gnocchi with Spinach and Peas

HelloFresh Description: Golden pan-fried gnocchi add a fun twist to the restaurant classic, Alfredo! Rich cream, melty cream cheese, zesty garlic, and savoury Parmesan make a luscious sauce for this vegetarian supper.

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