Friday, November 19, 2021

Week 9 of HelloFresh: Mostly Rice Bowls

It's the 9th week this year that we ordered our meals from HelloFresh instead of going to the grocery. This week I picked mostly rice bowls.

Chorizo Taco Bowls with Lentil Red Rice and Lime Crema
HelloFresh Description: This hearty bowl is filled to the brim with the help of lentils! Topped with chorizo and peppers, fresh tomatoes, cheese and a lime crema this bowl hits all the spots!

Vietnamese-Inspired Basil Beef with Peppers and Garlic-Lime Rice
HelloFresh Description: Spicy, bold, fresh and herbal, this stir-fry bowl hits the spot! Lime zest and garlic add a bold boost to fluffy white rice.

Golden Thai-Style Chicken Curry with Chow Mein
HelloFresh Description: Pure comfort in Thai curry form! Based off the famed Thai 'Khao Soi' curry, this warming dish is sure to be a hit. With a delicious coconut-based broth covering unctuous chow mein noodles, every bite will be better than the last.

Veggie Bulgogi Bowls with Meatless Farm and Gochujang Fried Rice
HelloFresh Description: Salty, spicy and sweet; it's easy to understand why this Korean staple is so well loved, which is why we've created a veggie version. The quick gochujang fried rice will take this to the next level of divine!

Tomato Garlic Beef Spaghetti with Sweet Peppers
We've figured out the secret to adding oomph to a simple meat sauce – a splash of soy sauce! The saltiness is a subtle but tasty addition to succulent ground beef, aromatic Italian seasoning and juicy tomatoes. It's a colourful and flavourful dish that's perfect for a night in!

Have you tried HelloFresh? How's your experience?