Saturday, November 6, 2021

My Birthday Celebration: Ube and Mocha Cake from Arts to Bakes

I'm loyal to restaurants and even dishes that I absolutely love. For example, in my favourite restaurant, I have favourite dishes that I always order. For my second birthday in a row, I ordered a cake from Arts to Bakes. 🎂

Last year, I fell in love with her mocha cake, so I had to order it again this year, but I wanted to try a different flavour, so I asked for a half ube and half mocha cake.

Half Ube and Half Mocha from Arts to Bakes

Beautiful Cake

Just like last year, both flavours are excellent! Definitely the highlight of my birthday weekend. My younger sister demolished the ube cake like there's no tomorrow, while I sort of did the same for the mocha cake. To say that it's a hit is an understatement. Even my dad, who doesn't like sweets, ate and enjoyed the ube cake.

Ube with Macapuno side of the cake

Mocha side of the cake

Half Ube and Half Mocha Cake

I'm already planning to order an ube cake for my younger sister's birthday next year based on her reaction to it. 

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