Saturday, November 20, 2021

Game Day Snacks from Cineplex

Our family loves sports. One of my early memories of professional sports is when my dad watched a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) game on our black and white television.

I watched all local basketball games in my early teens - PBA, collegiate, and even amateur. I remember wanting to be a courtside sports reporter (but my English grades weren't excellent). I also had four thick notebooks filled with basketball articles I clipped from the newspaper. I read the sports section every day. I even wrote about exciting games in my notebook. Then, of course, I watched games in person as well.

Now that we moved to Vancouver, Canada, it makes sense that we would learn the sports they watch in North America. Our only brother is our guide. He studied* the rules of American football so we could enjoy NFL games, he watched Major League Soccer on our TV, and I did too.

Anyway, all these backstories are my way of saying that today was a big day. Our Vancouver Whitecaps FC (football club) is in the playoffs for the first time since 2017.

Game Day snacks from Cineplex

Hotdogs, Nachos, and Popcorn from Cineplex

We watched their 2017 playoff run on TV when they won against San Jose at home and lost to Seattle as well. Today, we were gathered around the TV to support the team. We also watched their last two home games in BC Place against Minnesota and Seattle.

The team lost today, but the rollercoaster ride of supporting a sports team is satisfying.

* One of the best ways to learn about sports is watching an anime because the good ones break down each play and position. Personally, what got me to love basketball is Slam Dunk.