Thursday, November 11, 2021

Pandesal, Bibingka, Siopao, at Kung Anu-Ano Pa from Aling Mary's

I think I'm feeling homesick. I miss the Philippines and am too stubborn to admit it. However, my eating and shopping habits are proof since I always crave Filipino food.

Hubby and I walked for 40 minutes to Main Street, where the closest Filipino grocery is located, Aling Mary's. You'll smell the store a block away. It's the scent of freshly baked pandesal (Filipino brioche bun). I got half a dozen pandesal and another six pieces of the ube pandesal with cream cheese inside.

Result of being homesick

Reheating in the oven or even an air fryer makes the pandesal oh so delicious.

Freshly Baked Pandesal from Aling Mary's

Ube Pandesal with Cream Cheese

I also ordered their Bibingka, which is very coconutty and a couple of Asado siopao. 

Asado Siopao and Bibingka

I have wanted Otap (sugar biscuits) and Rosquillos (egg cookies) from Cebu for a long time and found both in the store. 



Lastly, I love Piattos, so I got one, and hubby said we should get Pik-Nik as well.

Aling Mary's is such a happy place for me. I was telling hubby that we should move near a Filipino grocery store. He said he'd be worried that I'd buy too much food all the time. 😂

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