Saturday, November 13, 2021

Brunch at The Stable House Bistro

Happy Saturday! We have been living in South Granville for four years this month, and this is our first time to enjoy a meal at The Stable House Bistro.

We had errands to run this morning. First, we went to the nearby local grocery (Meinhardt), then decided to have brunch (our first meal for today). After which, hubby had to pick up a package at Canada Post; next, I needed to drop by a UPS pick-up spot for an exchange gift.

Brunch Board

We haven't done cheese and meat board or anything remotely close to that. However, the Stable House Bistro specializes in small plates and meat boards.

For their brunch board, you have the option for three or five items, and there are eleven possible options. We ordered two five items and picked ten of the eleven possible options except for the smashed avocado.

Brunch Board from The Stable House Bistro

Our brunch board included:
  • Bad Dog Bakery Toast
  • Potato Roesti - It's a high-end version of potato patties.
  • Sourdough French Toast - I highly recommend the french toast.
  • Sunny Side Eggs
  • Sous Vide Eggs - Of the two egg preparation, this is the one I'll get again.
  • Fried Chicken
  • Thick Cut Bacon - I can't believe I'm choosing bacon over the fried chicken and sausage, but it's better than the other two.
  • House Made Sausage
  • Lemon Yogurt, Seed Granola
  • Seasonal Fruit
I already planning to come back and have decided that my next brunch board will include the french toast, sous vide eggs, and thick-cut bacon.

From the Stable House favourites section of the menu, I couldn't resist and ended up ordering Popcorn, truffle, parmesan. It's so good.

Popcorn, Truffle, Parmesan

What's your favourite brunch item?