Monday, November 8, 2021

Birthday Lunch at Suika

It's a birthday tradition that I need to eat my favourite Stewed Beef Tendon Curry from Suika on my birthday (or the weekend before/after if it's during a weekday).

Because my birthday is today, hubby and I took a day off from work to have lunch at Suika.

We were at the restaurant at around 12:45 PM and all tables are occupied plus three groups are waiting to be seated before us. The hostess said it's a 30 minute wait and have asked if we're willing to wait. Of course we are.

As soon as we were seated, we looked at the menu and know what we want.

We started our meal with 5 Kinds of Shashimi (15 pcs). I love the tuna sashimi! It'll be the one to order again.

5 Kinds of Sashimi
Three pieces each of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallop, and Chef's choice.

After the sashimi, my favourite Chicken Dashi Kara-age arrived. It's juicier than I remember. The batter also seems different. It's still delicious.

Chicken Dash Kara-age
Deep-fried chicken thigh served with sansho-jio (Japanese salt and pepper)

Halfway through the Kara-age, my ultimate favourite - Stewed Beef Tendon Curry arrived. I added Pork Tonkatsu. It's as delicious as ever. I love this curry dish so much.

Stewed Beef Tendon Curry
Suika's original Stewed Beef Tendon Curry with fried pork loin cutlet

Meanwhile, hubby tried the new Wagyu Stewed Hamburg Hayashi Bowl. 

Wagyu Stewed Hamburg Hayashi Bowl
Japanese-style wagyu beef stew on top of rice with melted cheese

To end our meal, we ordered two desserts and enjoyed them both.

Kinako Tiramisu and Creamy Chestnut Pudding

We were seated at the bar in front of the movie projection. They are playing the first Toy Story movie. Happy Birthday to me! 🎂