Friday, November 5, 2021

Hopia in Metro Vancouver

Growing up, there are two kinds of hopia - the branded circular one (I'm thinking of Eng Bee Tin) and the half-moon one you can get at your local bakery or from a street vendor.

Hubby and I were discussing hopia and how we haven't had one in a long time. Then, lo and behold, a Filipino entrepreneur based in Richmond posted in the Facebook marketplace that she's selling the hopia we're craving for, and it's even available for delivery!

I sent her a message yesterday asking if she could deliver the following day to our address and how much the delivery fee would be. So after sorting out the logistics, we're all set.

We received one dozen hopiang monggo (mung bean) and a dozen hopiang baboy (pork) before 12:00 NN today. Yay for a reseller who delivers BEFORE the agreed time.

Right: Pork Hopia
Left: Mung Bean Hopia

The Pork Hopia is as I remember growing up - subtle sweetness and thick doughy exterior. I love it! The Mung Bean Hopia was delicious too, but as hubby jokingly said, "Wala kasing alikabok 🤣." Let me provide context for whoever reads this blog from outside the Philippines.

Snacks like these are sometimes sold on the street alongside all the pollution from vehicles. Hubby was pointing out that this is good, but something is missing and what he meant was the "pollution" back home is the flavour enhancer it needs. 🤣

Ready to eat hopia

I can't wait to reheat it in the microwave for a snack and maybe even dinner. Happy Friday!

 If you're in Metro Vancouver and sell Filipino food, please send us a message on Facebook with your menu. We would love to try your products (don't worry, I'm not an influencer and would gladly pay and support your business).