Saturday, November 13, 2021

Movie Night Popcorn and Snacks from Cineplex

Happy Saturday!

Before the pandemic, hubby and I go to the movie house at least once a month to watch any random movie that seems interesting.

Our two go-to theatres are the Cineplex at 5th and Burrard Street since it's walking distance and the Scotiabank Theatre Downtown.

Because we had popcorn with our brunch earlier, I have been craving popcorn all day. Thank God, my hubby is an enabler and said sure, order popcorn.

Cineplex Snacks for Movie Night at Home

I went crazy and ordered the following items:
  • 1x Combo for Two (One large popcorn layered butter on top and middle, two large drinks, and M&M's Peanut)
  • 1x Pulled Pork Poutine - My personal favourite.
  • 1x Large Fries with Nacho Cheese and Cheddar Chipotle Dip
  • 2x Dog n' Nachos
When our order arrived, we watched Jungle Cruise on Disney Plus for our movie date night. Unexpectedly, we were food coma afterwards, and we haven't been food coma in months!