Friday, November 19, 2021

Magkasama Christmas Market Shopping

I am so excited about Magkasama Christmas Market. In the past three years, I always find out about the market AFTER the shopping period, and it's so frustrating to see all the happy people with their Christmas Filipino goodies haul.


That's why this year, I'm shopping early and shopping hard. 🤣 I am only buying things that hubby and I will enjoy. I can't wait to stuff my face with all this food.

  • Bibingka (Rice Cakes) from Belliebake
  • Chocolate Crinkles (10 pcs) from Crave (as requested by hubby)
  • Sari-Sari Mini Pies from Hapag Restaurant
  • All-Cheese Ensaimada Sampler and Sweet & Savory Sampler Ensaimada from Ensaimada Moment
  • Assorted Mamon Pack from KayeBakes.Ca (WOOT! We love Ate Kaye's cakes and ensaymada, but she's all the way in Surrey. Thank God for Magkasama, and I get to enjoy her baked goodies again!)
  • Assorted Pandesal Box from La Meryenda 
  • Taho from Sago To Go
  • Shameless Filipino Spaghetti from Shameless Buns (When I tried the Spaghetti Lumpia last summer, I mentioned that I'd be happy to order just the spaghetti)
I spent more than I probably should, but my heart is filled with joy and excitement. I am looking forward to all the delicious food, and I am happy to support Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses in Vancouver.

Shameless Buns jeepney

I am unsure what picture to use, but I thought the Shameless jeepney was the best one. Imagine a jeepney filled with people who sell delicious goodies you can share with friends and family.

Support Filipino-owned small businesses in Metro Vancouver and get Filipino food at Magkasama Christmas Market.