Tuesday, November 8, 2022

2 Kind Grilled Fish Set for lunch at Suika

I took a day off today to celebrate my birthday at my favourite restaurant in Vancouver, Suika. I had my usual Japanese Curry while hubby ordered the last item in the Rice Dish section of the menu that we hadn't tried: a 2 Kind of Grilled Fish Set.

2 Kind Grilled Fish Set
Chef's Choices 2 Kinds of Grilled Fish

Signature Beef Curry with Tonkatsu
Suika Original Stewed Beef Tendon Curry with Pork Loin Cutlet

After enjoying our meal and being food coma, the team at Suika sang happy birthday to me and gave us a free Chestnut Pudding. It was such a nice gesture and made me love the restaurant more.

Free birthday surprise from Suika, complete with candle

Creamy Chestnut Pudding
Custard pudding with rich chestnut cream (mont blanc)

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