Friday, November 11, 2022

Taiwanese Soy Sponge Cake from Soy Talk

After a fun and food coma dinner at Gang Nam Korean BBQ, we had 30 minutes to spare before our karaoke dinner. We started looking for an ice cream place nearby. Don't judge us for wanting ice cream when it's below 10 degrees Celsius outside. 🤣

Our search led us to Soy Talk. Unfortunately, there's a sign on the cashier that ice cream is unavailable. It's not meant to be.

My younger sister bought Taiwanese Soy Sponge Cake for us to share. Thanks, Sister!

Taiwanese Soy Sponge Cake
Freshly handmade with pure natural ingredients, our sponge cake is sprinkled with healthy organic soybean floss. Fluffy in texture, our spongecake is sandwiched with a light milky soy sauce.

Taiwanese Soy Sponge Cake

The cake was fluffy and soft, while the soybean floss provided crunch and the cream in the middle added a subtle sweetness. It's such a nice dessert and would be lovely with coffee or tea.

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